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To all female fans out there, stay calm and steady your heart! Recently, a teaser for the upcoming thirty seventh episode of one of the best shows which is SBS Heroes showed and revealed all the ladies of the cast, wearing wedding dresses with lilies on their hand, and eventually having the best grooms ever. Jung Yunho and Shim Changing of TVXQ was showed in the teaser getting married and having a wedding photo shoot with the said casts.

The beginning of the teaser shows young women with their lovely long white bridal gowns, only to have a race around the park. As the video went on, it clearly shows that each member of the casts shares different intimate shots with Yunho and Changmin. It was shown that Yunho has a shot where in he is picking Jiyeon up while Seo In Young was all over Changmin.

This teaser gained many reactions from fans, some are jealous comments and there are some who just accepted the wedding shots by saying “they are so cute”, “Yunho is so handsome” and “Changmin is so manly”.

Many fans are already anticipating this episode of SBS Heroes. They are all eager to see their idols being a perfect groom with that black tuxedo and bow, Shim Changmin can really pull out a cool manner which makes his fans swoon around because of him. On the other hand, there are more people who are excited to see how the handsome Jung Yunho can have a great wedding photo shoots with ladies casts of SBS Heroes.

Recently, TVXQ released their repackaged album of the Keep Your Head Down with the new song, Before U Go. This contains 54 photo cards with the duo’s sexy and hot shots which gain a lot of attention around the world.