Home » TVXQ, Jang Hee Jin and Lee Chae Young Have Something in Common

The current 2011 Spring/Summer season’s jewelry trend is a very simple silver. In a comparison to the past years which are thick, luxurious style rings that can capture any one’s attention during the trend, this current year, the details for it had made to be a lot simpler as much as possible. In accordance to this, many of the fahionistas out there have been already seen wearing some silver items with just a simple design.

From one of the music program show, male group TVXQ had performed their hit song; Before U Go and the duo were seen to be wearing the same simple silver ring. Jang Hee Jin who had attended the 2011 Fall/Winter Seoul Collection Fashion Show was also seen wearing the same silver ring that TVXQ had, and this had caused much attention to the people. There is also Lee Chae Young who had presented the ring as part of her personal collection in the MBC’s 7 Day Miracle Show, and when it was confirmed to be really the similar ring with the other artists that was said, the ring become a hot topic.

Actually, TVXQ, Jang Hee Jin and Lee Chae Young are all wearing a donation ring, and aside the very stylish fashion that they had showed, it can completely thought that they are participating for a donation campaign. And also, this E. S. Donna donation ring’s sale will be gone to collect for just a period of one year and the money wil go to Holt’s Children Services. This is much intended to use for Sotos Syndrome patient Go Ye Seul’s surgery.

On the other hand, the fans had sighed in relief as they thought that those are already some engagement rings of the boys. The fans had then commented that they are very grateful about their idols as they are helping and joining some donation projects that can help other citizens. For the fans of TVXQ, the group was known even from the past that they are participating in much charity events, sharing their wealth and to help the people who are in need.