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H.O.T is still the coolest among the 1st Generation idols of Korea. Recently, women’s portal site “Easy Day” had conducted a survey asking, “Who is still the coolest idol group among the 1st-generation idol groups?” The results eventually revealed that H.O.T was the number one taking the total 24% of all the votes.

H.O.T is a five-member former SM Entertainment boy band that includes Moon Hee Joon, Tony Ahn, Kang Ta, Jang Woo Hyuk and Lee Jae Won as their members respectively. The group debuted in the year 1996 with the song “Descendants of Hero” and was greatly appreciated and loved by most Korean people. After that, they had released a follow up song entitled “Candy”.

H.O.T was a group that had enjoy massive popularity within their career that allows them to become the major influences on the current future boy bands and the rest part of the music scene in Korea, their popularity had also led them to the creation of female groups and other boy bands of Korea. It was still known that the group is one of the biggest persuasions for the current number one idol group of Korea, Dong Bang Shin Ki. Many say that Dong Bang Shin Ki is the new generation of H.O.T with all their success that surpass not only the Korean artists but also Japanese and some Americans. It is still known for most of us that the lead vocalist of TVXQ, which is Kim Jaejoong is close with the H.O.T’s Kang Ta.

There are also other groups that were ranked for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. Fin.KL was ranked as the number two with 23% votes that seems so close to H.O.T. Fin.KL includes Lee Hyori and had debuted in 1998 with their album called “Blue Rain” and captured the hearts of male fans with their “To my boyfriend”

There is also Shinhwa who ranked 3rd with 21% of the votes and Kim Tae Woo’s group g.o.d was ranked as the number four which has 11% of the votes.

The first generation groups such as S.E.S, Sechskies, BabyVOX, Shakira, NRG and Click B are also in the choices of the survey.