Home » Teddy Riley in Support for Rania, and Standing Ovation for Big Bang and TVXQ

Last April 24th, producer Teddy Riley had finally done his long-awaited visit to Korea in supporting his girl group, Rania.

The first business trip that he had done was to stop and watched the SBS’s Inkigayo. He had sat personally with the audience and watched Rania performing on the stage and later on commented, “My judgment was right. It was extremely moving to see my special team stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other famous K-Pop stars.”

Once the producer had watched the performance of TVXQ and Big Bang, he had given them a standing ovation alongside with the crowd and he even blew some whistles as for the acknowledgement towards the performers. He had stated, “I’ve only ever heard of K-Pop through the testimonies of others, so it was moving to be able to see it directly like this. I can now see why K-Pop is so powerful and I know for sure that this phenomenon will soon reach North and South America, Europe, and the rest of the world. The performance of K-Pop is one of the best in the world.”

The producer had then met up later with TVXQ, Big Bang and Yangpa backstage and on the respective waiting rooms of the said artists. While he was shaking hands with TVXQ, he had commented, “I can see why you’re regarded as the best team. You can feel the energy of your style and performance by just watching it.” and when he got to see Big Bang, he then exclaimed, “They’re an amazing group that can transcend the Asian market into the global pop market.”

Yangpa on the other hand, who he had already, saw previously on some YouTube music videos, he had stated, “She’s so small and cute, so I was extremely surprised to see such vocal power coming from her.”

The producer is now planning to join his girl group, Rania with their stage on some music programs, and he will later on have his own press conference. Rania must be that good for a producer like him to went all over the another half of the world to support them.