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Big Bang‘s Taeyang recently sat down for an interview with Star News and discussed the infinite trust he has in his members, as well as the strong bond between them.

He began, “We went through a lot of obstacles this year, but that has made our friendship that much stronger.”

Taeyang’s already known to be the best friend of G-Dragon, having joined YG Entertainment together when they were just little kids. Taeyang expressed, “As a friend, I was upset about what happened to Jiyong. Jiyong will always be a friend that is closer than family to me. Even if worse things were to happen, I’ll never be able to let go of his hand. I believe that this goes the same for Jiyong. To me, Jiyong is a friend that I’ll be with forever.”

In October, a Twitter post that he had made became the source of controversy once G-Dragon’s marijuana case broke out. For the first time, he opened up by stating, “What I wrote had nothing to do with Jiyong at all. It was just my thoughts on the world. It made me really upset that my words were being misunderstood like that.”

Taeyang also made sure to touch on his friendships with the rest of the members. “Big Bang is still living in a dorm together. It has come to a point where we don’t need to say everything outloud in order to understand one another, just like how families are… During break, we got together to work on a lot of songs. Many new songs have already been made. We’re just putting the finishing touches on our album now.”

When asked about Big Bang’s plans for 2012, he concluded, “We’ve had an annual concert named ‘Big Show’, and that will take place in March in 2012. We’re also going to release an album around that time… In 2012, Big Bang will be working to promote actively and pay back our fans who have trusted us with great music. Of course, my solo album, which I’m currently working on in addition to Big Bang’s album, will also be released.”