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Singer Tablo who has recently topped the iTunes Charts with his new solo album recently shared a commentary film via his Twitter page. He wrote, “I want to share the stories behind the songs in my first album ‘Fever’s End‘… Thank you”

Tablo explains the inspirations and his thought process behind each and every song he wrote for his newest project.

 “ The biggest way for me as a musician to express that I love and care about those people close to me, is through my music.

In the beginning, I started writing songs in an attempt to sort through my complicated thoughts and emotions. It was a way for me to protect and take care of myself. I had no idea the songs would become an entire album.“


“This was the hardest yet easiest song to write. When i was writing the lyrics, there was no need to write them on paper because these were the thoughts that were constantly running through my head.”


“The people closest to me gave me the biggest scars. I don’t know if it was because they simply did and said things to hurt me the most, or if I just had certain expectations of them, that they wouldn’t hurt me… therefore the disappointment was painful, but ‘You were my reason for breathing… and now you’re suffocating’. This single thought expanded into an entire song.”


“I don’t drive so I often take cabs late into the evening, and I have a lot of thoughts about various things during my cab rides. I listened to the things people talked about on the radio, and I looked out the window to take a good look at the world and people walking by. And I felt like I could see the entire world from that small backseat of the cab. I could see just how lonely every day normal people were. This is the story of my loneliness and the loneliness of other people.”


“This song actually started out with such a random thought… I was eating at a restaurant, and I noticed that the table next to me left behind a large amount of grilled fish, and I thought to myself ‘that fish and I have a lot in common.’ After that I thought, ‘The world is a huge fish tank.’ I thought maybe those people who are students or adolescents going into adulthood could relate to my thoughts.”

“From the Bottom”

“This was not only a hard song to write, but also so difficult to record. This song is one in which the lyrics are from the deepest part of my heart. The first stanza is written for my wife, and the second part is for my daughter. The baby’s voice you hear in the song does belong to my daughter. I didn’t record her voice for the song, but I had previously recorded a lot of videos of her since she was born. The part in the song you hear is the first time she actually called me ‘Dad’.”


“I asked YG to collaborate on a song together long before I ever imagined I would ever be working under their label. Taeyang, even though this wasn’t his song, worked really hard on the track as if it was his own. There had been many times in the past that I would tell myself, ‘this is good enough’. This project was one that made me self-reflect a lot about my past.”


“I don’t know how people will react to this song, but I wrote it thinking about how there are so many people out there who work diligently so that I can have everything I eat, drink, and touch. There is a process to how everything reaches my very finger tips, and I just wanted to thank these very people.”


“I thought, if the television was an actual person, how complicated would that person be? I would never be able to figure that person out or know what that person was about. This song is me writing a letter to the TV.”

“Thankful Breath”

“I created a list of reasons why I still wanted to be alive. Reasons why it would still be worth it to wake up the next morning. I realized that I wanted to live for the smallest things and I thought that maybe it is the small things that keep me going, and maybe its the little things that can keep other people happy too. The two artists that featured on the track with me are people that have been close to me since I was a nobody. The three of us were able to get through some difficult times by always encouraging and supporting each other. This song is especially meaningful to me, just because of the fact that they were able to work with me on this song.”

“Expiration Date”

“I guess its the same for those people who are in love, but there are times in life when you’re on top of the world where eventually you must come back down. I wanted to sing about being afraid of that fall, and being afraid of disappointment and pain.”

“I titled the album ‘Fever’s End’ because when you are physically sick, your symptoms get worse before you become better. But it’s when the pain becomes the most excruciating, you know that the misery is almost over. And my hope for the album is that after people have heard all ten songs, instead of being able to relate with my pain, my album will offer some hope and they will be able to realize the value of hope… and joy. I was able to laugh again through the making of this album, so I want others to laugh and feel truly happy after hearing this album.”