Home » T-ara’s Hyomin reveals her status as an idol

T-ara‘s Hyomin recently make an interview with OSEN and revealed the thing that she was currently experiencing a disconnect with her idol image. She revealed, “Right when I began preparations for ‘Gisaeng Ryung‘, I experienced a disconnect. I realized that I was ‘acting like an idol’. I was always acting bright and positive, like what people would normally expect.  I felt that I was being fake and began to wonder why I had to always be careful.”

She also continued, “When I began KBS’s ‘Invincible Youth‘, I found myself speaking quietly and acting intimidated with my actions, even though I’m not a timid person. Because the public found it funny, I was acting the way they wanted me to, even though it wasn’t the true me. People who don’t know me began to see me as this person who wasn’t confident with themselves and only knew how to mumble. When they heard that I was cast for a historical drama, I heard things like, ‘She doesn’t even know how to speak for herself, how will she act in a historical drama?’”

With a laugh, she said, “It will be a new side of me. I don’t expect people to say that I act well, but rather, ‘She has this sort of expression too, she has this type of image too.’ I felt that way as well.”