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T-ara made headlines for being the first Korean girl group to land in Japan’s Oricon weekly chart with their debut single, “Bo Peep Bo Peep“.  Released on October 4th, the single sold 49,712 copies thus far, breaking the records set by SNSD and KARA‘s debut singles, which recorded at 44,907 copies (“Genie“) and 29,283 copies (“Mister“) respectively.

The ladies sat down with a reporter recently to discuss their feelings on landing such a formidable achievement.

They stated, “It’s amazing to see that we not only topped the Oricon daily chart, but the weekly as well. After achieving our goal of topping the chart, we all cried together and promised to work harder than ever.”

When told that they were the first Korean girl group to set such a record, T-ara replied, “After we found out that we were the first Korean girl group to do so, we felt even prouder of our accomplishment. The Korean and Japanese system is different, but our Japanese fans are just as enthusiastic and supportive of our Korean fans, so we didn’t feel any big difficulties.”

They continued, “We’re currently preparing for our Korean comeback in November and are spending busy days in the rehearsal room.  We will continue to promote in Japan.”

When asked what their goal for the rest of the year was, they stated, “Since we’ve achieved our goal of recording first place on the Oricon, we hope to achieve positive results with our Korean album.”