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infinite-fInfinite‘s Sungjong, Sungyeol and L is set to debut in Japan as a sub unit with the name “INFINITE F” or we can also say that they are the flower boys among the members of Infinite right?

On October 14, Woollim Entertainment stated:

 “INFINITE F, with L, Sungyeol, and Sungjong, will be debuting in Japan on November 19. They finished the debut track and filming the MV.


It seems that the title of the album is “Love Sign” and they will release a regular/normal edition and two limited editions all with three tracks: “Love’s Sign,” “I Like You,” and “My Girl.”

The trio have recorder a song called “Im Going Crazy” on Infinite’s album entitled Season 2. They are also in talks if they are also going to promote in Korea but there has no final decision yet.

Who’s excited to see this sub unit? Not just 3 typical flower boys but oozing with talent and charisma that will soon debut as a sub unit INFINITE F <3