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An interview with Stellar, a girl group under Shinhwa’s Eric.

? (Lee Seul) “Hello! Last year, I was in a vocal group called Honeydew with member Joa before joining as Stellar’s newest member. I wanted to promote in a girl group so very badly that I really gave my all for this opportunity. I began singing in high school and auditioned through a UCC video to become a member. I’ve also competed in various singing competitions.”

? (Joa) “I’m Joa. I previously promoted in a vocal group with Lee Seul before debuting with Stellar. The two of us attended the same vocal academy in high school and I, too, joined the group through a UCC video. My voice is on the huskier side so I had a lot of trouble trying to change it to a cuter tone since I’m now a girl group member.”

? (Jun Yul) “I’m Stellar’s 18 year old maknae, Jun Yul. I’ve always loved dancing since I was little so I joined a dance club in school. My four-dimensional character is my charm.”

? (Ga Young) “I’m Ga Young. I first got my face known through the ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ viewer tour as the ‘Kukak High School SNSD’. I always intended to major in traditional dance but as I began to take acting lessons and auditioned for our agency, I felt charmed by both acting and singing. I’m currently a dance major at Sungkyunkwan University and am also acting in KBS 2TV’s ‘Spy Myung Wol’.”

Q. “There are a lot of girl groups in the industry. What kind of color would you describe Stellar to be?”
? “We’re a girl group that’s not really a girl group. Our debut track is an electronic dance track titled ‘Rocket Girl‘ and it features a cyber space image that brings out the charms of each member. All of us are jokers so it’s always fun together. Being upbeat is our color.”

Q. “Lee Seul and Joa were in the vocal group ‘Honeydew’ together.”
? “We consider it as a preparation period for Stellar. We were excited to be able to debut as an idol again since we hope to be seen as femininely as possible. We’re curious and also a bit worried but as our title song is unique, we’re also very confident.”

Q. “Ga Young is currently promoting as an actress ahead of the group’s debut. How’s that like?”
? “I’m having a lot of fun.  I don’t have that much scenes but I like the experience I’m gaining from it. Seniors like Eric and Jang Hee Jin take care of me and help me out a lot. I worried a lot since it was my first time but I’m having fun. I’m glad and thankful that the public is able to recognize me from ‘1 Night 2 Days’. As an actress, I’m only just now taking my first steps so I must continue to gain experience and do my best. I’m working with the thought of learning one step at a time.”

Q. “How has Eric helped Stellar’s debut?”
? “Eric senior told us at first to call him oppa or uncle. He’s given us so much advice. During recordings, he’ll pour out the criticisms as a producer and give us know-hows for our performances on stage. He also emphasizes the importance of respect and greetings. Jun Yul, who’s the rapper, also received acting lessons with him for over hours. He’s been teaching us the strengths of Shinhwa.”

Q. “Do you have a nickname you hope to earn from your fans?”
? “Social idols! All of our members are interested in every social network out there like Facebook, Twitter, Me2day, fancafes, and other sites. We’ve already made a Stellar page even before our debut. We hope to converse with our fans freely.”

Q. “What are your goals for your debut?”
? “There is the pressure of being known as Eric’s girl group. We want to show everyone how different Eric’s girl group is. More than anything, we feel like we’ve been transferred the energy of ‘longevity idols’ Shinhwa with a strong friendship and teamwork of our own. Like the theme of our debut track, we’re going to enjoy our debut stage, so please look forward to it.”