Home » Soyu & Urban Zakapa adds video for “The Space Between”

Sistar‘s Soyu and Urban Zakapa’s Kwon Soon Il and Park Yong In added a new interesting video for their latest comeback and collaboration “The Space Between.”  The video consists of Soyu and Urban Zakapa acting in a cute way on their lyrics while singing. You can also see their Starship labelmates : kpop boy group Boyfriend and Junggigo who has also collaborated with Soyu and made a big hit with the song “Some”.

 The song has topped charts when it was released similar with “Some” and up till now it’s been loved by viewers. They are still ongoing with their promotions on Music Shows and they are still doing well on Music Charts. I guess Soyu always hits daebak(Jackpot!) whenever she collabs for a love song with her labelmate. And that also proves that Sistar is not just for sexy and catchy songs. Don’t you think? <3