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SNSD‘s Jessica has delivered a glamorous pictorial and an in-depth interview through ‘First Look‘ magazine, a double treat for fans.

The concept for the shoot was ‘Break the Ice’, and Jessica was dolled up in a luxurious style reminiscent of a ’60s high society queen. Elegant and seductive, her sexy figure was outlined in a tight black dress, while her legs were played up in thigh-high boots. Jessica accessorized with classic pieces like a pearl necklace and a rose, but she also showed off her quirky side by donning a fake moustache.

In her interview, the singer remarked, “I don’t dislike my nickname, ‘Ice Princess’. I guess if you take it the wrong way, it could mean arrogant and cold, but I think every girl needs to seem a little intimidating.”

“However, the longer I promote with SNSD, the better I seem to express my emotions,” she continued. “If I find something to be hilarious, I fall backwards laughing all the way down,” she said, explaining how much she has opened up and changed.

“I have a lot of interest in fashion. I would like to study it a bit more and possibly find work in the fashion industry,” she also revealed. “It’s a lot of fun trying on different clothes for photo shoots like this, and it’s helping me learn a lot more about fashion as well.”

With regards to her sister, f(x) member Krystal, Jessica said, “She’s a friend that I can talk about everyday life with and give advice to. I want to protect her and be able to lead her in the right direction.”

In closing, Jessica shared her plans for the future, remarking that she would like to try a variety of different things including song-writing, acting, entertainment programs, musicals, and more.

The full interview and all the photos from the shoot can be found in the December edition of ‘First Look’ magazine, and through their website, http://www.firstlook.co.kr.