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The girl group SNSD will be releasing their very first set of DVD and that is titled as, “All About SNSD: Paradise in Phuket.” The total running time of the set will be 715 minutes which is almost 12 hours. This will also have a total of 6 disc and a mini photo album. This is set to release on the 30th of June with both Korean and English subtitles.

Check out the contents of each disk below!

? DISC1. [Variety In Phuket] Girls’ Generation’s Mystery Action Story “REAL TREASURE”

? DISC2. [Free Day In Phuket] ??(YOONA)’s Free Time ??(TAEYEON)’s Free Time ??(YURI)’s Free Time ???(TIFFANY)’s Free Time ??(SEOHYUN)’s Free Time ??(SOOYOUNG)’s Free Time ??(SUNNY)’s Free Time ??(HYOYEON)’s Free Time

? DISC3. [Self Talk in Phuket] ??(YOONA)’s Self Talk ??(TAEYEON)’s Self Talk ???(JESSICA)’s Self Talk ??(YURI)’s Self Talk ???(TIFFANY)’s Self Talk ??(SEOHYUN)’s Self Talk ??(SOOYOUNG)’s Self Talk ??(SUNNY)’s Self Talk ??(HYOYEON)’s Self Talk

? DISC4. [Girls’ Generation’s MUSIC VIDEO] 01. Music Video ‘Echo’ ‘?? ?? ??(Into the new world)’ ‘????(Girls’ Generation)’ ‘Kissing you’ ‘Baby Baby’ ‘Oppa Nappa’ ‘Gee’ ‘Gee’ Dance Ver. (Color) ‘Gee’ Dance Ver. (White) ‘??!(Way To Go)’ ‘??? ???(Genie)’ ‘??? ???(Genie)’ 3D Ver. (Viewable in 2D) ‘??? ???(Genie)’ 3D Ver. (Viewable in 3D) ‘Oh!’ ‘Run Devil Run’ Dance Ver. ‘Run Devil Run’ Story Ver. ‘Run Devil Run’ 3D Ver. (Viewable in 2D) ‘Run Devil Run’ 3D Ver. (Viewable in 3D) ‘?(Hoot)’ ‘?(Hoot)’ Dance Ver. ‘Beautiful Girls’
02. Individual Clips of ‘?(Hoot)’ ??(YOONA)’s Clip ??(TAEYEON)’s Clip ???(JESSICA)’s Clip ??(YURI)’s Clip ???(TIFFANY)’s Clip ??(SEOHYUN)’s Clip ??(SOOYOUNG)’s Clip ??(SUNNY)’s Clip ??(HYOYEON)’s Clip

? DISC5. [MAKING FILM]All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise in Phuket” DVD Jacket Sketch‘Echo’ M/V Sketch‘?? ?? ??(Into the new world)’ M/V Sketch‘?? ?? ??(Into the new world)’ The 1st Stage (SBS Inkigayo) Behind Story Girls’ Generation in Hanbok Costumes for Chuseok Event THE 1st ALBUM ‘????(Girls’ Generation)’ Jacket Sketch ‘????(Girls’ Generation)’ M/V Sketch‘Kissing you’ M/V Sketch Mobile Photoshoot Sketch THE 1st ALBUM REPACKAGE ‘Baby Baby’ Jacket Sketch Mobile Photoshoot – Meet & Greet SketchTHE 1st MINI ALBUM ‘Gee’ Jacket Sketch‘Gee’ M/V Sketch ‘Gee’ The 1st Stage (SBS Inkigayo) Behind Story THE 2nd MINI ALBUM ‘??? ???(Genie)’ Jacket Sketch‘??? ???(Genie)’ M/V Sketch‘??? ???(Genie)’ The 1st Stage (SBS Inkigayo) Behind Scenes everysing Sticker Photoshoot Sketch“SPAO” Photoshoot Sketch THE 2nd ALBUM ‘Oh!’ Jacket Sketch‘Oh!’ M/V SketchTHE 2nd ALBUM REPACKAGE ‘Run Devil Run’ Jacket Sketch ‘Run Devil Run’ M/V Sketch‘Run Devil Run’ Manito Game ‘Oh!’ The 1st Stage (SBS Inkigayo) Behind Scenes THE 3rd ALBUM ‘?(Hoot)’ Jacket Sketch‘?(Hoot)’ M/V Sketch‘??? ???(Genie)’ 3D M/V Sketch

? DISC6. [SHOW : SBS-TV ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM Collection]07.08.05 ???? ‘?? ?? ??(Into the new world)’07.11.18 ???? ‘????(Girls’ Generation)’07.11.25 ???? ‘????(Girls’ Generation)’ & Mutizen Song08.01.27 ???? ‘Kissing you’08.02.17 ???? ‘Kissing you’ & Mutizen Song08.03.23 ???? ‘Baby Baby’08.04.13 ???? ‘Baby Baby’08.05.25 ???? ‘Oppa Nappa’09.01.11 ???? ‘Gee’09.01.18 ???? ‘Gee’ & Mutizen Song09.03.01 ???? ‘Dear. Mom’09.03.08 ???? ‘??!( Way To Go)’09.06.28 ???? ‘Etude’ , ‘??? ???(Genie)’ 09.07.05 ???? ‘??? ???(Genie)’ 10.01.31 ???? ‘Show! Show! Show!’ , ‘Oh!’10.02.07 ???? ‘Oh!’10.03.21 ???? ‘Run Devil Run’ 10.04.11 ???? ‘Run Devil Run’ 10.05.30 Dream Concert ‘Run Devil Run’ & ‘Oh!’09.10.03 Idol Big Show ‘?? ?? ??(Into the new world)’, ‘Gee’09.02.26 Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate ‘Girls’ Generation Special’09.08.16 Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate ‘Girls’ Generation Special’10.04.11 Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate ‘Girls’ Generation Special’