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Currently, girl group Girl’s Generation is having a great impact in the Japanese music scene as they released 3rd single, “Mr. Taxi”. The group had then gaining much success in album charts and as well as their album sales. They are also quite popular in the country now as they had impressed the Japanese people with their charms and smiles.

The group will be soon marking another history in Japan as their first Japan tour will be going to follow the release of their 3rd single named, “Mr. Taxi”. Sports had recently reported that, the girl group was originally going to have four cities with seven concerts that are planned. But now they had added additional three concerts to the original seven, for a total of six cities where the SNSD girls will go to visit. This will be mark now a total of 10 concerts that they will be done in Japan.

It was then also reported by Sankei sports that there are over 300,000 fans were all competing over the available 60,000 tickets for the SNSD’s tour. By this has also lead for them to add another two additional cities to be added and these are Yokohama and Hiroshima respectively. Their Yokohama concert will be held on the June 4th and 5th at the Saitama Super Arena and for the Hiroshima concert it will be held on July 2nd at the Green Arena. The first stop of the girls will be on Osaka in 11th of May.

The Girls’ Generation’s single, “Mr. Taxi” had just released yet it had already hit the number two spot on the Oricon Daily Chart with a total of 40, 194 units that has been sold and it follows Jang Geun Suk as number one on the chart. In regards for their Korean Comeback, many are anticipating them to be back on the second half of the year 2011 but still their management company in Korea, SM Entertainment has not still saying about this so stay tuned to know the latest updates the girls and also do not forget to purchase their single!