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Many had thought that almost all of the current bands bonds like a family, but there are still instances that even you are so closed to each other, one can’t avoid some little fights and misunderstanding. From a recent poll that was made by the music portal site, Bugs, they had asked the people on which idol group has the greatnesses closeness and seems like a family. For this, “soshi bond” had really made to the top showing that the nine members of SNSD have a friendship that almost resembles the relationship of families.

The survey had run out for six days and started on the 10th of May. There is a total of 5, 804 votes that was racked up during the whole polling period and all of the voters was asked by the same thing and it is about their opinions in which idol group they personally believe that bonds almost like a family. The 49% of that total (2,846 voters) had chosen the bond between the nine flames of the girl group SNSD. They were chosen as the top one in this people and so they have the greatest bond of all the idol groups. The second one that was ranked is the five brotherly members of the boy group Big Bang which gained the 43% of the votes as it equals to 2, 445 voters, not that far from the voters of SNSD.

Following the two groups are CN Blue with 5% of all the votes (260 voters), 2Pm with 127 voters which is the 3% of the vote and on the 5th was T-ara with 82 voters as the 2% of the total votes.

On the other hand, netizens who had saw the results had show their agreement and stated, “Don’t all idol groups seem like family these days?”, “Girls’ Generation definitely comes to mind when referring to family, and I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan”, ”yeah they are like a true family that loves each other” and “They must’ve felt lonely because of the Japanese promotions, but they are relying on each other.”