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Solo singer Maybee recently sat down for an interview to talk about her terrifying experience with a stalker.

She didn’t want to talk about it publicly in case that’s what the stalker fed off of, but she felt the need to let it out because she was tired of putting up with him.

Maybee began,“I’m a bit tired because of my preparations for the album, but I’m feeling great. While working as a radio DJ, I’ve gained a lot of warm fans, which is really fortunate.”


Unfortunately, she also gained one psycho fan who just won’t give up. “Female DJs in particular are especially prone to getting stalkers. There are some that believe the things I say on air are messages personally said to them.”


She continued, “They’d sneak into the studio and watch me or tweet me, saying they’re expect me at such and such location. When I don’t show up, they’ll swear at me for hours on end.”

One time, the stalker had texted her to meet him at the IncheonAirportin the morning. When she didn’t go, he sent a series of texts saying, “How could you do this to me?” and “Are you meeting another man?”

When her manager tried to step in, the stalker retorted that he’d report them for psychological compensation. She’s also tried reporting him to the police and disabled her Twitter all together.

She said, “I didn’t want my name going out by reporting him to the police. Even if he’s met with consequences, I don’t think I’d feel safe. I’m actually more scared of what he’d do after. I think he has about 100 Twitter accounts so I can’t ban him.”

Maybee continued, “When I threaten to leave Twitter, he’ll threaten back that he’s going to bother everyone else around me. The stalker once called my younger brother and said, ‘Your sister isn’t picking up her phone. Tell your mother I said hi and that I’ll see her soon.’ I got so scared after that. It’s been about three years now.”

Still, Maybee decided to overcome her fear and pursue her love for music. “Music is something I want to do until I die. Even if I don’t show the public or let anyone else hear, music is something that I need to be with forever.”