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Last May, Shinsadong Tiger started a company called AB Entertainment. The name stands for ‘a better blank‘, which expresses his intention of becoming a company that always stays ahead and remains relevant.

He stated, “I want to become a producer who continues to study and work hard, so that I don’t become a hindrance to the singers. I think that if I try to do too much for the first singer I produce for, I might be asking too much [from them] without realizing it, so I’m hoping to do things with a comfortable attitude. Rather than becoming redundant, I want to become a thumbprint.”

Shinsadong Tiger is also working on producing a 6-member girl group called EXID (‘exceed in dreaming’), who are scheduled to debut next year in January. Their album will guest-feature power vocalist Huh Gak, and includes a song penned by lyricist Ra Do.

“As a producer, I tried to see things from an objective and unbiased perspective,” he said. “That is why it’s so significant that a different writer worked the first song that is being released from my company.”

Shinsadong Tiger continued to explain that because of his personal image as a producer, he was very aware that he had to be cautious in preventing his image to define the company’s.  “While my current image can be a gain to my project album and the singers, there is also the possibility of it doing harm. This is why I worked hard to exclude myself in that aspect. This is because when a producer creates a company, the concept of the producer can be easily associated with the concept of the entire company and its singers.”