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T-ara‘s ‘Roly-Poly‘, B2ST‘s ‘Fiction‘, 4minute‘s ‘Mirror Mirror‘ and ‘Heart to Heart‘ — These hit tracks and more are the brainchildren of producer Shinsadong Tiger, who’s become one of the major forces behind mainstream K-Pop. Having secured record hits for other artists, Shinsadong Tiger is now looking to establish his own.

As reported earlier, Shinsadong Tiger is preparing to release his very first self-produced album for December 9th. Considering the many different projects he’s working on, the reporter asked Shinsadong Tiger if they affected any changes in his life.  “Nothing has changed dramatically,” he said. “However, the burden has grown significantly.”

He continued, “The most difficult part now is that there are more things to take into consideration other than just music. On the one hand, I feel this opportunity will allow me to mature musically as there will be more things I can experience. As for album production, I participated a lot in music production while working with 4minute and B2ST, so not much has changed. Realistically speaking, there would be a lot of difficult aspects in creating a company, but I decided to handle each problem wisely.”