Home » Seo Ji Soo will not participate on Lovelyz for their debut showcase and promotions for now


Woollim Entertainment stated that their new girl group Lovelyz member Seo Ji Soo will not attend for awhile from Lovelyz’s debut promotions to focus on fixing all the rumors with legal action and taking a rest from the mental shock cause of the issue.

Woollim Entertainment, Lovelyz Seo Ji Soo’s agency revealed their statement on October 12: 

“Although it is Lovelyz’ debut day, unfortunately only 7 will be going on stage. We’ve decided that the first priority is getting mental help for Seo Ji Soo. Until she has received treatment and we have caught the perpetrator who has brought about this issue, Seo Ji Soo will not be joining promotions. However, she is not leaving the group. This is just a halt to her activities.”“Seo Ji Soo has been swept up in absurd rumors and is having a very difficult time. She is unable to regain stability nor go on stage. Thus, this morning she headed to the hospital.”


Although it’s a sad news that she can’t join their debut stage and promotions, the new girl group Lovelyz will continue without changes on the lineup or schedule and activities they are on. We hope that she can regain her strength and promote with her group. We wish best of luck to this rookie group!