Home » Rain to be enlisted on military at 11th of October!

Reports were made that Rain had received his enlistment notice and that he would be reporting on October 11th. However, Rain then tweeted, following the mass news reports that the articles were misleading and would tell his fans himself when the exact date would be.

On the 23rd, Rain updated his official website (http://rain-jihoon.com/n2/) and posted the official date of his enlistment to be indeed October 11th and that he had received the news himself that morning.

He writes on the site, “Hello, this is Jung Jihoon. The fall has finally greeted us. I’m here to tell you that I will enlist in the military on October 11th. I will enlist in active military duty, but I’m not sure where I will go. This morning, my enlistment date was confirmed and I wanted to tell you first.”

“It’s been nearly 10 years since my debut…Because of my fans, I was able to do so many things and value the hard work and glory. I’m entering later than most people, but I will work hard and faithfully to make up for it.”

“I was able to fulfill so many dreams thanks to the fans that cheered me on for 10 years, thank you. I will return as a more mature Jung Jihoon.” -Posted by Jung Jihoon (2011.09.23)