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Recently, it was announced that Rain would be joining the army on October 11th. The star held a phone interview with Sports DongA to discuss his military enlistment and personal plans.

Q. How are you feeling with enlistment ahead of you?

Rain: “Military service is an obligation for all South Korean men. I will be giving it my all during my time in the army”.

Q. How will you spend your time before your enlistment?

Rain: “Honestly, there’s a mountain of things I have to do. I don’t think I have enough time to even just organize. First, I need to finish the movie, “Emergency: Close to the Sun“. Although filming is done, there is more work to be done. There’s promotions to be scheduled, but I don’t think there’s much time. I’m also preparing a small album as a present for my fans”.

Q. There’s rumors that you will be joining the air force.

Rain: “I’ll be joining the army without any special reasons. I just want a normal military life”.

Q. What would you like to do personally?

Rain: “I will go and give my regards to my mother[‘s grave]“.

Q. What are your plans after your service?

Rain: “I’m receiving a number of offers from Hollywood. When I am discharged, I will negotiate with Hollywood-related projects I’ve been pushing off”.

Prior to this, Rain wrote through his homepage, “After my debut, I was able to do so many things through everyone’s love, and thanks to everyone, I was able to feel precious sweat and honor, as well as feeling true happiness.” He continued, “To all my fans, thank you for the last 10 years. I will return with a more mature attitude,” and gave his farewell.