Home » Park Myung Soo wants to remain as a manager in I Am A Singer

On 18th of September, MBC’s ‘Section TV‘interviewed Park Myung Soo on the set of his new CF.

When asked about the time he said he would quit ‘I Am A Singer’ if veteran singer In Sooni were to ever appear, Park Myung Soo stated, “Ever since I was young, the thing I learned from the elders was to not keep promises..pretend like you don’t know anything those kinds of things“.  His unexpected confidence in stating this caused explosive laughter on the set.

Park Myung Soo also showed his greed of wanting to remain as a manager on ‘I Am A Singer’ for as long as possible, by adding, “If Lee Seung Chul-sshi really does come on..then I really want to work with him“.

Meanwhile, this day’s broadcast of ‘Section TV’ will show Park Myung Soo telling his honest thoughts on throwing away his greediness to become a solo MC, his disappointments in G-Dragon, and episodes that happened because of his dancing.