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miss A‘s Min recently made her acting debut as the star of an action film called “Countdown.” Scheduled for release in September, the movie follows the storyline of a cold-hearted bonds collector, Tae Gunho (Jae Young) who has 10 days to save his own life. Min plays his rebel daughter Jung Jaeyoung, an accident child from his younger days.

Many of the staff members have praised Min, proving that the singer has a potential future in acting. One “Countdown” staff member said that she was very good despite it being her first time. “Because of her determination in acting, she was not left alone in the dust by her senior actors. It seemed like she studied by herself a lot.”

Another staff member commented that although she’s young, she seemed like a rookie actress on set, rather than a girl group member. “There was no doubt that she has talent. She received many comments by the staff.”

Min revealed in an interview that “it was a fun experience” for her, and would like to continue acting in the future.

Meanwhile, the upcoming movie “Countdown” is directed by Huh Jong Ho, and set for release in Korean movie theaters on September 29.