Home » Miss A’s Album Was Suddenly Postponed?

On the 16th of May, AQ Entertainment, the management company of Miss A had released an official statement through a TV report that the quartet was already getting ready for the release of their very first full length album for the next couple of days after that, which is expected to go between the 22nd and 28th of May. But even though that was their announcement, it seems that they had suddenly had the heart to change the plans.

After the company’s official announcement, Korean music sites had already putted on their list the release of “miss A Vol.1” for the 27th of May. But just one day after that, there are already some sites who changes it and make postponement notices for June as with some listed it with the release date of June 10th. On the 19th of May, fans had received much shocked when those postponement notices for June was changed again and it is now become July, making delay a lot more than a month.

Until now, there are still sites with other release dates like July 1st, 15th and 31st. Even though there are still no official statement of the delay by the JYP Entertainment or from AQ Entertainment, on the 20th, member Min had replied to one of their fans who had asked about this thing via her twitter account, and she had confirmed it by answering a simple “yes”.

On the other note, those respective music sites had only stated that because of the “production company’s circumstances” the album was postponed. The fans have been worrying on what are going to happen to the activities of the group especially they are set to perform at the “Dream Concert 2011” on the 28th of May at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Fans had shared their thoughts and feelings by commenting, “we waited for the album yet it is postponed~ we can’t wait anymore~”, “I even collected and earned much money just to have that album”, “why is postponed? I thought it was already planned?” and “I guessed we should need more time to wait~”