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The legal battle that MC Mong (real name Shin Donghyun, 32) is entangled in still continues. Last year he was charged for evading his military draft by extracting more teeth than was necessary. On October 19th, he attended his fourth hearing at the court of appeals, which is located at the Seoul Central District Court, where his state of mind was debated in the proceedings.

It was revealed that his father is visually impaired; together with the guilt he feels from putting his family through the constant media reports, investigations and court hearings, he has been through a very rough time indeed. As someone who debuted at the early age of 20 and who has been receiving a lot of love from the public since, this is a feeling that he has nevertheless come to be familiar with.

Another shocking comment was made, “He does not want to return to the entertainment industry. He just wants to live like a person again. He hopes to meet someone he loves and live his life in service of others, while seeking pardon for his crime.”

But does he really not want to make a return to the entertainment circle?

MC Mong is a true-blue entertainer. He is someone whose sense of existence is validated when he performs in front of others. A singer, actor, entertainer — he has wholeheartedly tackled these diverse fields since the age of twenty; even as a rookie he steadfastly and tirelessly threw himself into work.

This is an attitude that was visible in KBS “1 Night 2 Days.” Amongst the entire cast he was the first to take the initiative in ruining his image for the sake of the show. It was him who motivated the others, who helped them grasp their individual concepts, build their various relationships, and brought laughter to the show. This very attitude got him praise from the viewers, placing him head and shoulders above others as a variety star.

However, following a report on 30 June 2010 by OBS Kyeongin TV that said, “MC Mong will be under investigation on July 1st based on the suspicion of draft evasion. He had his teeth extracted in order to be exempted from his military service,” his public reputation turned for the worse.

The words of praise abruptly became criticisms, and soon he backed out of the many programs he was involved in, one of which was “1 Night 2 Days.” There was simply no way he could continue working on a show so well-loved, as a person who was now increasingly despised by the public.

On April 11, 2011, he was served a six month jail sentence suspended for a year, and was ordered to complete a 120 hours of community service. He was found guilty of deferring his military enlistment, but innocent of the charge of wilfully extracting his teeth to that end.

Both the prosecution and MC Mong’s representatives have appealed against the judgement, and will thus meet again in court on November 11th. However, whatever the eventual result may be, the judgement has essentially already been lowered by the public. MC Mong knows this better than anyone else.

Faced with this situation, MC Mong’s representatives revealed that he strongly wishes to enlist in the army. But as long as he stands not guilty, he will be unable to fulfil this wish of his.

In this case, what can he do to “live like a person” and increase his chances of making a comeback? One method stands out: to voluntarily sign on for an alternative service for the duration of the usual military span. For example, a healthy male citizen normally goes through twenty-one months of training. MC Mong could work at an orphanage, an old folks’ home, or at a handicapped center for the same period of time. By doing this, he can redeem himself not just as an entertainer, but also as a respectable human being.