Home » MBLAQ’s Mir experienced slight injury while filming

In the middle of the promotion for the comeback single of MBLAQ, member Mir recently received an injury while filming. It was reported earlier, J.tune camp posted on their twitter account, that there were some rumors of Mir collapsing while in the filming of the variety show “Star King”. They also went to state the members are in good condition.

It was durther reported that Mir joined and volunteered for a pyrotechics performance, which resulted him to be hit and exposed to gas. It is also revealed that he is in the state of shock and was immediatly hospitalized. Later on, they confirmed that the singer received a slight injury around his neck, and immediately returned to the filming after.

J.tune camp then updated, saying, “We tweet again with correction in reference to Mir’s injury! We’re sorry for errors of information delivery! There was a slight accident in the rehearsal of “Star King” recording.It is not serious injury, so please don’t feel great anxiety about it. We ask to show your more support and love to Mir because he lives with fan’s love^^!!!”