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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon talked about his age differences between other members Seungho, G.O, and 2PM’s Junsu. Even though the four of them are in the same age, Lee Joon still calls the three “hyung” as a sign of respect. He first explained with a sigh, “From the very beginning, I’ve created the wrong image.”

Seungho revealed, “At first, because he called me hyung, I thought that was actually the case and I was his hyung. After later finding out that he was born really early in 1988, I told him there was no need to call me that, but he said he was comfortable with it so we continued our relationship as hyung and dongsaeng.”

In which Lee Joon replied, “I didn’t know it would turn out like this!”, and Seungho continued with a smiling face, “When we are with the other group members, he sees the damage he’s caused.”

G.O further said, “Although Lee Joon is friends with him, Seungho and I are also friends with him so Lee Joon has no choice but to call him hyung as well,” which brought much laughter.