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Goo Jun Yeob and G.O. were assigned to a remote village located at an altitude of 3,100m. Aside from being covered with a perpetual layer of snow, the village is also known for having many unmarried mothers who leave their children alone at home in order to work. An organization called the ‘INABIF’ will provide food and after school lessons until they come home. Approximately 200 elderly citizens living alone also reside in the small village.

The group was in charge of the children’s physical activities and art lessons with KOICA staff Kim Hanna. Kim Hanna revealed that she’d always wanted to try a particular art project, but didn’t have the manpower to set it up for the children on her own.  The project was titled “The World Is One”, a sort of mural depicting the world.

The stars drew the outline and allowed the 24 children they were overseeing to color it all in. The mural contained iconic landmarks like Korea’s ‘Booyongjung’, Peru’s Machu Picchu, Rome’s Colosseum, Egypt’s pyramids, and India’s Taj Mahal, all of which came together into a beautiful multi-colored drawing of the world.

After the project was completed, G.O. stated, “Drawing in a sketchbook for the first time in a while made me feel like I had returned to my childhood.  Because of my busy schedule, I haven’t been able to play with my nephews.  I had a lot of fun with the children as if I was with my own nephews.  I’m here to do charity work, but seeing the children’s bright smiles really puts me at peace.”

He continued, “Before, I thought volunteer work was simply helping the impoverished, but I realize now that it’s actually something that allows you to experience the many different cultures of the world and to teach you to see things with a broader view.  Knowing that my every action was connected to Korea while I’m here, I truly tried my best.”

“KOICA’s Dream” will air at the end of October.