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Actor Lee Jun Ki praised singer / entertainer Boom who is once again active in the entertainment scene immediately after he was discharged from the military.

Lee Jun Ki was at a special event put on by a radio program at the War Memorial Peace Plaza, and sat down with tvN to conduct an interview before the event began. He said, “I saw Boom on TV, and he’s definitely a good entertainer. We had some good times in the military together. He’s an entertainer so he’s definitely fun to talk to… On TV, he always thoughtfully mentions all of us that were in the military with him.”

He continued, “I really hope he succeeds and does well.” His close relationship with Boom was obvious and actor Lee Dong Gun who was also at the event additionally commented, “We’re all cheering for Boom“.

The event celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the armed forces and was split into two segments- a music performance for the first half, and a show for the second. Lee Dong Gun & Lee Junki hosted the event along with Yun Sung Kyung, Park Hyosin & Mithra Jin from Epik High were a few of the performers who took the stage. Singer Psy who was discharged in 2009 was also in attendance, making the event more meaningful.