Home » Lee Jin says, “I won’t give up”

On November 23rd, Star News published an interview held with former Fin.K.L member Lee Jin, who revealed, “I haven’t completely given up on my dreams as a singer. If given the right opportunity, I would like to sing on stage again, maybe at a Fin.K.L concert, but not as a soloist.”

“I meet with the Fin.K.L members often, and we keep in touch. We talk about going back on stage as a group. We’re all busy with our own stuff right now, but sometime in the future, I think we will be able to hold a Fin.K.L concert together,” she continued.

Lee Jin also admitted, “I used to not like that people remembered me as ‘Lee Jin from Fin.K.L’, but now I don’t mind as much. I am proud of my humble beginnings.”

“Right now, my dream is to become a top actress. I will probably never be able to get away from the ‘Fin.K.L’ image, but in the end, I would like to be remembered as ‘Lee Jin the actress’. I will work harder so that I can make that happen“.

Lee Jin is currently a cast member on KBS 2TV’s drama series, ‘Man of Honor‘, and she’s been highly praised for her natural acting abilities as she plays the role of the cold and cynical ‘Cha Hong Ju’.