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Actor Lee Byung Hun recently revealed an episode he encountered with his ‘G.I.Joe 2? co-star, Bruce Willis.

During an interview with ‘Section TV’ he stated, “Bruce Willis will be starring in ‘G.I.Joe 2? as well. We do appear in a scene together so there was a day where we filmed with each other. When I first saw him and stretched my arm out to shake his hand, he bent down into a ninety degree angle and said, ‘Nice to meet you.’ He knew about the Korean culture of greeting someone.”

He then stated, “Not only that, the steps had written ”Storm Shadow” in Korean on all of my props. They had searched how to write those words in Korean.”

When Lee Byung Hun was also asked about his perfect body that was revealed through the teaser of the upcoming movie, he stated he had only exercised for three months.

The martial arts director Jung Doo Hong also revealed the early hardship of Lee Byung Hun on ‘G.I.Joe’. He stated, “During the first filming of ‘G.I.Joe’, Lee Byung Hun was not recognized or treated fairly by anyone on the set because of his ethnicity. However, the director, along with everyone else on set started to change and become mesmerized by his acting skills. They began to yell out ‘Amazing’ after every cut and treated him differently.”