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The rookie idol group Boyfriend is surely making a name as they had an interview with Economy Today. Their leader, Donghyun, was trained under a very strict discipline for almost five years. He stated, “When I was a senior in high school, I was on a show called ‘Conduct Zero‘, and my current company’s CEO and president contacted me. I trained for five years and now I’m Boyfriend’s leader.”

Donghyun commented, “The song has a unique rhythm and melodious flow to it. It portrays a boy’s wish to be your boyfriend and stay by your side.”

Good thing is that Youngmin has already gained experience from his role in Jang Dong Gun’s Hollywood debut film, ‘The Warrior’s Way‘. He stated, “The director wanted to meet me after seeing my profile, and I auditioned and got the role. I only met Jang Dong Gun sunbae while filming, and was unable to meet any of the foreign actors. I want to focus on singing first and try acting if I get the chance.”

On the other hand, Jung needed to prove his talent to his parents before he gets a consent. He revealed, “When I was a third year in middle school, a hyung of mine performed on the streets of Hongdae. I saw the performance and was dazed by the guitar and djembe sounds. I thought to myself, ‘Ahh~ That’s cool‘ and ‘I want to perform at a place like that‘. You know, street performances are up close and personal. You can be more intimate with your audience. I want to try a performance like that someday.”