Home » KMPA looses their security measures; reveals information about 4,600 Korean artists

Because of the recent loose security measures by the Korean Music Performers Association (KMPA), 4,600 Korean celebrities resident registration numbers have been out in the internet, one of them belong to singer Lee Hyori.

The singer expressed, “This association exists to protect the very rights and interests of us music performers. How preposterous and ironic that they are the ones responsible for exasperating us like this.” She continued, “So far, no real inconveniences have come up for me personally, but I will continue to closely monitor the situation and its progression.”

Even until the 25th of July, one can still search “Korean Music Performers Association” additional with the name of their wanted celebrity, they would be able to receive such confidential details like the full legal name, gender, and their resident registration numbers.

Today, 26th, KMPA released on their official website:

“We have closely investigated the mishap that resulted in our members’ confidential information becoming widely public on a particular portal site. Our system developing company was in the process of placing upgrades which temporarily released information regarding our association members, making it possible for internet users to search for personal information.”

“We have taken appropriate measures to ensure member confidentiality once again, and are working to strengthen our security systems; we will tirelessly oversee system upgrades in the future to prevent these situations from reccuring.”

“We offer our sincere apologies regarding any private information that may have been disclosed due to our careless management, and KMPA will do our best to help minimize any other harmful effects that result directly due to this disclosure.”