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JYJ’s Kim Junsu has never failed to make his fans proud of him, in the field of dancing, singing and now in soccer. The young singer had kicked off the winning shot of their first game in the Peace Star Cup.

In the 2011 Peace Star Cup Entertainers Soccer Tournament at the Suwon World Cup Secondary Stadium at Kyungkido, star soccer team FC Men had gained its first won because of their team captain Kim Junsu’s winning goal which is 1-0.  The said stadium was packed for about 1500 fans of the different artists, this also includes their fans coming from different countries such as Japan and Taiwan that clearly shows the popularity of the stars.

In the said game, the team had put up Kim Junsu and Kim Hyunjoong as two-top. It is known that Kim Junsu had shown his great speed to aggressively merge through the other players and he had also created many important chances. The male group B2ST’s Lee Kikwang has been charged in the distribution of the ball as the mid fielder and member Yoon Dojoon had also stood out whit his soccer skills. Yoon Doojoon had pulled off a very high level skills freely like the “placing the wrong leg” and “cruip turn” that once can say that it is no worse than the professional players. The play was preceded as a one-sided attack by FC Men which had received the overflowing support from their fans. However, the goal would not come easily. 3 minutes into the second half, directly facing the “goal area,” Kim Junsu caught the fleeting chance for them, in the deep situation, pulled out the first goal with a thunderbolt shoot after a short dribble. Hugging his teammates, the captain enjoyed the ecstasy of the first goal.

Super Stars had its Captain Jung Joonho who became a newlywed recently, and Im Daeho, Lee Jongwon, Oh Manseok and others eyeing a counterattack, but lost key chances in the second half and the game had finished as 1-0. For the game’s MVP, Kim Junsu was really the one who deserves the title.