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Kim Junho who is very much famous as JYJ Kim Junsu’s twin brother had just recently debuted on April 28th in Japan. Everything must be okay but thing is, he had signed under the management company who is currently in contractual dispute with his younger brother which is Avex Entertainment. The company had suspended the activities of the trio since September last year and JYJ had jus recently filed a lawsuit against the company because of its interference with their activities such as their supposedly upcoming charity concert.

Kim Junho had posted up on his twitter account about his feelings and thoughts bout this matter. He had also stated the reason for his decision despite the fact that his younger brother is currently having problems with the said company. He had tweeted a quote that reads, “An article regarding the Japanese company I’ll be working with has finally been published. I think there will be lot of people who worry and have unkind things to say about the decision. I had been talking to this agency even before the guys’ problem arose, and I finally made the decision to pursue the venture seven months since the happening began after thinking about it and discussing it with my family and those around me.” And he had continued for another tweet, stating, “We’ve settled it so that there is a minimum chance of the situation becoming a problem, so please don’t worry about it too much. I too thought long and hard before laying down this decision. Though you may say that it was the wrong decision to make, it has been made, and I must take full responsibility of what is to come. I just hope you do not hurt my family. I will just work hard. I’m sorry and I thank you all.”Fans who have been observing about this matter is not that please to know the decision of Junho as they say that Avex can’t be trusted anymore. But fans should not get angry with this and just respect the decision of their idols and just embrace all of it as their fan.