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Good news to everyone as rge gril group KARA will be returning to the korean music scene this coming fall. As staed by DSP Media, KARA are planning to greet their korean fans this coming September alongside with their new album. If the album will be making its released as schedules then it will mark as their first korean album after 10 months following their last release, 4th mini album “Jumping”

On the 24th of May, one of the representatives coming from DSP Media had stated, “Though it might change due to album activities in Japan, we plan to release an album in September or October. In order to repay fans for having made them worry, KARA will return with an upgraded image. Currently, the members are continuing to receive vocal lessons and dance practice in order to improve themselves, even amidst their solo schedules. In particular, KARA has matured due to their experiences during their Japanese activities.“

On the other hand, the group will be going to perform for “2011 Dream Concert”. This will be the group’s first korean performance together after their lawsuit issues from January this year. A representative from DSP Media had stated“In order to prepare a special performance, they’ve made a new remix of their song and have changed the choreography as well. They are preparing for the ‘Dream Concert’ performance with nervousness and excitement.“

The group will be releaseing their 3rd japanese single this late June and will be going to leave because of their already arranged promotions in early June. The filming for the music video was already finished as it was shoot in both Korea and Thailand.