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Once again, KARA had reaches the number one spot in Oricon daily chart. Recently, it was announced by Japan’s Oricon Daily Singles Chart this April 7th that KARA’s third single; “Jet Coaster Love” had sold a monstrous 28, 643 copies on the second day since the released date that eventually brings it up to the first one. On its first day of released, KARA had only got the second position for having “Jet Coaster Love” sold 47,810 copies but on that day, SDNS48 was ranked as first because of their “armed ambush” reaching 2,000 more copies than those of KARA, that was the reason why they didn’t get the highest ranked on its first day but the most important thing is they got it eventually, though only for the second day.  However, last April 7, KARA had eventually reached the number one position which clearly shows how popular the girl group in Japan. After them, there is Tsuyoshi Domoto with 22, 568 copies and the SDN48 fell from being the first all the way down form being the 6th.

KARA had already got the #1 spot for many times in the Oricon Daily Charts, this also includes their first album which is “Girl’s Story” that has sold for over 400, 000 copies that has been recorded. They have also ranked as the number one on the weekly DVD charts for their music video collection entitled. “KARA BEST CLIP”

If there will be no upset brewing then KARA is expected to be place in position to claim the tops spot on the official recognition of Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. Since the earthquake, the group was incapable to continue their promotional cycle properly, and the released date was delayed for almost three weeks. The fact that this girl has been so successful, despite of all the happenings is somewhat enormous. The only Korean artists that have been able to gain and received this high achievement are TVXQ and BoA. That is why, for KARA to be lined up with these two successful artists, this is surely the one of their biggest accomplishment.