Home » JYP praises Superstar K3 Ulala Session!

Artist and producer JYP praised Superstar K3 contestant group Ulala Session for their recent performance of his song “Swing Baby.” On November 5th, he posted the YouTube link to Ulala Session’s rendition of JYP’s “Swing Baby” from the Mnet audition program, Superstar K3.

He wrote in both English and Korean. “I saw this because of my fans. U guys have crazy energy. It just made my day: ) Thank u for making my song sound great. Keep it up!”

The performance was from Mnet’s Superstar K3 November 4th episode, in which Ulala Session performed JYP’s “Swing Baby” as part of the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, JYP seems to be following a tough schedule as he will be traveling back and forth from different cities and countries in the next week. He posted again on November 5th, “Last Tue. LA, now NY, tomorrowKorea, next Thu.LA…?? Trying to hang in there…Still so thankful to u, JYP family and God…”