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Korean group JYJ held their concert at Taipei Arena on the 23rd April and fans held on to their red lightsticks, presenting a magnificent red ocean. Having amazing charisma, from the time they announced the concert on April fool’s Day to the sale of tickets was a mere 15 days. The tickets were 90% sold out, raking in 20 million with 19 songs performed. JYJ showed off their Chinese skills and greeted everyone with, “Hi everybody!”, “How is the health of everyone’s parents?”, receiving warm responses.

JYJ embarked on a “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011? tour. Last year end, they came to Taiwan for a showcase and they have promised to come back for a concert as soon as possible. Within half a year, they fulfilled their promise and attracted thousands of fans.

Kim Jaejoong was in charge of concert directing and themed this concert with “Challenge of Creativity”. The air flown jumping stage lifts and the seven LED screens costs several millions. Director Kim arrived in Taiwan on the 19th and involved personally in the production meeting of the concert. He requested to enlarge the T stage, from a “small T” to a “big T”, in order to present more elaborate dance moves and to increase the interactions with the audiences, showing his meticulous sense.

JYJ opened the stage with “Empty” and showed their entertaining songs and dances. Yoochun greeted the fans, “Sorry that we only managed to come now!” As for Jaejoong, he greeted, “How is everybody? Really missed everybody. We will try our best to bring the best performance to everyone.” The concert ended with two encores.

JYJ was busy after reaching in Taiwan and thus did not manage to go sightseeing. Yoochun and Jaejoong went to a soya bean shop that was around the hotel around midnight after their rehearsal the night before and the photo was posted on the net. They left Taiwan in the afternoon today at 1pm on Asiana flight OZ712.

On the other hand, the group will be ending their Asia tour with their last concert in Beijing on the 7th of May and they will also prepare for their US Tour.

credits: China Times
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
additional info: k.shirou