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The JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 which had began in April in Bangkok and had already crossed onto Taiwan and ended in China had showed off the undying charms of the trio to sing live to about ten thousand fans who had packed inside the Saotuji Gymnasium of Beijing last May 7th.

This said Asia tour of the trio had already drew of a total of all sold out tickets and concluded an approximately 43,000 people just by those four stops, A little number of people if you may compare to those days that they are making concert as Dong Bang Shin Ki. The concert had served a total of three meanings, one is that the trio is still alive; the second is that they are still unbeatable stars and the third one is that Kim Jaejoong is a great concert director as he just debuted for their concert. Before the tour had started, Jaejoong had already expressed that he will have “creative challenge” as the concept of the tour and he had also revealed his great determination in having a high class stage with all balance that was based from his experiences in concerts that he had get as a singer.

Now that the trio had finished their Asia Tour, they had revealed, “This World Tour was a new challenge of JYJ, and a stage on which expressed the stories we wanted to tell. After a long time we came to meet the fans of Asia through a regular concert and we are happy that we were able to show a varied range of music and we are thankful to the fans who sent us cheers that were unchanged in their passion.”

On the other hand, the trio will be moving now to have their US Tour that will start in the 20th in Vancouver and will be ending on San Jose on the 2nd of June.