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On 30th of September, JYJ met up with reporters for their “In Heaven” press conference at a cafe in Jungdong, Seoul.  

Jaejoong began,

“First of all, this album is one that contains all of our memories and feelings over the course of the past two years.  It’s an album that has a lot of scents in it.  There are tracks that convey our honest feelings, as well as tracks that beat around the bush in expressing ourselves.  No matter how much we beat around the bush, though, those that have been with us through it all will know what to imagine while listening to these songs while the regular public will just listen to the song for what it is.  It’s an album with a passcode.  Like I stated, it’s an album that contains everything we’ve felt and done over the past two years.”

Junsu continued, “I worked on the album by conversing a lot with the other members.  It’s an album that shows the true colors of JYJ.  I believe that we were able to create such a great result because we regarded as the production of it as a positive opportunity and experience.”

Jaejoong added, “The reason we started our individual activities was to get the name of JYJ out there.  Since the three of us cannot go out on music programs, we had no option but to get JYJ’s name known individually.”

Junsu stated,

“We began our careers as singers and I hope that we’ll continue to eternally walk down the path of a singer.  Because we’re restricted in so many areas as singers, we decided to take the performance route.  Even if it’s hard to see us on TV, we’re trying to work with our fans by performing at events and fan meetings, as well as other small events.  Our focus is on creating an environment where we can communicate with our fans and enjoy the performance aspect of it together.  A concert is not just a place where we show what we want to show, but a place where we can converse with them.”

When asked what ‘PSM’ meant in their song “Pierrot“, Jaejoong stated,

“It’s weird that a song that’s not even our title track is worthy of being in the media headlines for not passing regulations, but it’s actually quite heartbreaking.  SBS actually asked us what ‘PSM’ meant, meaning that they’ll give us a chance even if it wasn’t okay to pass.  KBS, however, didn’t even give us that chance and just interpreted it however they wanted to, completely ignoring the creator’s intent.  That is so frustrating.”

He continued,

“PSM stands for ‘Performer’, ‘Success’, and ‘Museum’.  Everyone has a future and everyone hopes that their life can shine.  In order to accomplish that, however, they must borrow the strength of others since it’s not possible on your own.  They’re then physically taken advantage of by a museum that creates that success for you and at times you’ll find yourself acting something that you don’t want to do.  It’s a song about people that use innocent people that are only innocently searching for hope.”

Jaejoong stated, “A lot of time has passed.  The time we’ve spent apart might have created misunderstandings, but as for us, a lot of that has passed.  I just hope for us to all meet again.  Yunho and Changmin appear in my dreams often.  Once, all three of us dreamt of them at once.”

He continued, “I still don’t keep in contact with Yunho and Changmin.  Please let us contact them.”

Jaejoong also revealed that he might have the opportunity to see Yunho.  “The lighting director for Yunho’s drama, ‘Poseidon‘, is also the lighting director for ‘Protect the Boss‘.  He once told me to come and visit during an after party.  I might be able to see him then.”