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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has written to his own Twitter profile saying, “JYJ from TVXQ” that eventually brings undeniably happiness to many fans around the world. Just recently, Jaejoong had rewritten it with the never-ending inspirational quote of the group which is “always keep the faith” and now his full biography goes, “JYJ from TVXQ always keep the faith”. This simple action coming from him holds a very deep meaning to all of the fans.

The twitter profile of the singer had become a huge topic of discussion for the fans; there are some, who had commented, “Even though this is something apparent, it is still unknowingly heart-aching.” and “Thank you for this TVXQ-rooted twitter profile”.

Kim Jaejoong is surely a heartwarming person that still holds faith in his heart regarding the things that can happen for the future. There are many fans that once again gain their losing faith and hope because of their idol. There are fans that stated, “our Youngwoong, we miss you”, “yeah right, always keep the faith forever”, “thank you for that message oppa” and many more positive yet emotional comments coming from their fans around the world.

On the other hand, JYJ held their first part concert for “JYJ 2011 World Tour Concert” in Thailand Bangkok’s Impact Arena that last for two consecutive days which are 2nd and 3rd of April. The concert was directed by the singer himself, Kim Jaejoong that eventually shows his maturity image. Jaejoong was seen attentively checking the details of the lightings, stage, performance attires and many more things that are needed for the very best of their performance.

After the whole concert performance, Jaejoong had written on his Twitter, “Even if my throat bleeds from singing, and my body breaks from dancing, I will never give up the stage. Under the circumstances where you cannot enjoy yourself wholeheartedly, just scream and shout till your throat hurts. If you want to see how far our voices and screams can travel, let’s sing together.”This clearly shows how passionate and loving Kim Jaejoong is, when it comes to his beloved profession, singing.