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Best trio group JYJ was appointed to be the World-OKTA ambassador. On the 18th of April, group JYJ had reported to attend an event that was held at Vista Hall, Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, the said event is “The 30th Anniversary of World-OKTA”. They have been invited for only one reason and that is because they are appointed ambassador for the organization, and also as for the celebration the group had shown a performance.

Attendees of the said event had also included Knowledge Economy Minister Choi Joong-kyung, the governors of each region, and about 1000 other participants. Additional to that, there is an award of merit section that was also conducted in the appreciation of those national business leaders in the relevant overseas organizations of Korea who had greatly contributed for the country’s economic and social development.

One of the World-OKTA officials had revealed their reason for appointing JYJ as the ambassadors, they had stated, “JYJ has been portraying image as leader of Hallyu wave as they demonstrate skill to reach the wide global culture (through their music), this image matches the goal of World-OKTA that is to create nation’s opportunity in world economy, thus we think they have the right to be appointed as our ambassador.”

On the other hand, JYJ had also expressed their feeling for the said appointment saying, “We’re really pleased to be appointed as ambassador of World-OKTA in promoting South Korea’s contribution in world economy. JYJ and World-OKTA will continuously strive to promote the excellence of our nation’s culture in even more broader reach of the world.”

The fans of the said group are very much proud of them, who wouldn’t especially when your idols are like them. Fans had commented, “they deserve it, oh~ I am so proud of them”, “I wish this will be another reason for us to see them more often”, “as expected nee? They are still Gods right?” and “the trio of them can pull off a great acknowledgement!!”

Currently, member Jaejoong had flied to Taiwan for the early preparation of their “JYJ World Tour Concert”.