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Following Hyorin from SISTAR and Kyuhyun from Super Junior's departure from the show "Immortal Song 2," Jay Park will also be making an exit from the show.

On August 25th, officials from KBS 2TV's "Immortal Song 2" stated that because he is preparing for a US album, Jay Park will be departing for the US on August 29th after the final recording.

Prior to Jay Park's departure announcement, SISTAR's Hyorin also announced that she would be leaving the show. SISTAR recently came back to the music industry with their latest mini album, "So Cool." Due to SISTAR's promotions of "So Cool" on music shows and her busy schedule, Hyorin also decided to leave the cast of "Immortal Song 2." 

Additionally, Kyuhyun from Super Junior also announced that his week's episode would be his final episode. Super Junior recently came back with their 5th album, "Mr. Simple," along with the repackaged version of the album containing their follow up track, "Superman." MBLAQ's G.O. will be promoting "I Don't Know" on music shows, and therefore, he exited the show as well. 4minute's Jeon Jiyeon is also deciding whether or not to stop filming for "Immortal Song 2."

With these artists' activities and albums, their departures from "Immortal Song 2" were inevitable. An official from the show commented, "It is unfortunate that these singers have to give up the opportunity to be on the show due to their schedules. It feels empty on the show, but we are planning on casting new members for the show."

August 29th will be Jay Park, Hyorin, Kyuhyun, and G.O.'s final recording for "Immortal Song 2."