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On September 5th at 5AM, Jay Park's "Demon" music video, which features Kim Sarang, along with the digital single was made 

available to fans online. For over a year, Jay Park has been performing "Demon" during concerts and fanmeets, but the single was never 

released officially to fans until now.

"Demon" was produced by the famous Teddy Riley. It has been reported that the song had originally been intended for the King of Pop, 

Michael Jackson. 

Upon the release of the single and music video, fans were delighted and left comments like, "Jay, Andrew, and Jackie be killin' it in this 

video!" "Glad the song is finally out! Dang Jay... tooo amazing! Replay button 24/7," and "It's pretty good! JAYY and Kim Sarang aww."

However, a few hours after the release, Jay Park tweeted and said, "I'm not gon front the M/V turned out wack, I'm sorry yall from 

now on I'm only gon give u the best~haha."

He continues, "They should've just released the song.... coulda gave me heads up tho."

Fans left him encouraging messages nevertheless and recognized that he wants to release just the best for them. "Lovely my man I love 

u but if u give me the best but it's still be yourself I love u that way," "It's ok jay~ you always make a good stuff," "No need to sorry Jay! 

I really enjoy the song and the MV," and "Good luck in the future. The mv is not too bad but I love the song though."

SIDUS HQ stated, "The song 'Demon' is the OST song for the movie [Hype Nation] and is completed with the music video for 

broadcasting activities. However, public performances are not planned."