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The veteran rock band Jaurim just recently sat down for an interview with Monkey3 and revealed their honest thoughts about the banning controversy that is currently a hot topic in  the music industry.

Guitarist Lee Sun Kyu revealed, “The title track of our comeback album, “IDOL“, was mistaken by many as a criticism against idol groups.” His statement prompted the question, “Have you ever been stereotyped or misunderstood because of your songs?”

He replied, “We’ve felt a sort of conspiracy brewing against us for some time now. It’s gotten to the point where we just assume our songs are being banned ‘because Jaurim sang it’.”

Lee continued, “However, the lyrics sung by a few idol groups on national TV recently are on the level of uncensored pornography.”

When asked what they would do if they had a magic remote that would allow them to control all the broadcast networks in Korea, leader Goo Tae Hoon replied, “Since everything’s being banned under unclear standards, I’d create a music channel specifically for banned music.”