Home » IU gave C-Real a piggybank!

Rookie girl group C-Real, revealed that they received a sweet present from their senior, IU.

The girls stated, “On the day of our first broadcast, IU senior gave each of us a personal diary in hopes that we’d write down all of our memories as singers in it. We were really grateful because she had even written a letter for us on the wrapping paper.”

They continued, “She also gave us a piggy bank for the team and wrote, ‘Investing $10?. There really was $10 in it. It’s such an honor for her to even take an interest in us, so it’s amazing we received such gifts from her. We’re going to work really hard to live up to her expectations and get our name out there so that we can double her investment.”

When asked about their nickname, the ‘five member IU’, the girls replied, “We think it’s a nickname given to us in hopes of singing as well as IU senior. Although it’s an honor, we’re worried that it will affect her negatively. We believe that our skills aren’t on par to such a nickname yet but we will grow every single day to live up to it.”