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Recently, its been a great issue when Ray Cho cover JYJ’s Jaejoong Wasurenaide without the consent of the latter. He later asked for forgiveness and understanding about this matter.

In respones to this, Jaejoong tweeted, “”Wasurenaide” was not his or any one person’s song but a song that belongs to the five member TVXQ. Therefore he doesn’t wish for one person (Ray) or three people (JYJ) to sing it.”

And now after so much assumptions that Avex were behind this matter, Avex’s CEO Masato Matsuura later posted on his twitter account, “Recently, a Chinese singer covered Jaejoong’s song. I became interested, so I investigated the case. I found out that the Chinese singer who has no relation whatsoever with company a (T/N: avex) translated and sung the song without permission. As usual, the people in that country is interesting. The video in YouTube has a different logo (of a company), they are stealing and it is really tricky… To tell the truth, this story is as a bolt from the blue. I don’t know why I have to hear complains about the things which they did without permission. I will take necessary actions in order to protect all the artists. I did not know anything about this case, but I will deal with this issue. For the time being, this is my word.”

Also, Ray Cho posted another statement reagrding his current plan and mistakes.

To have caused so much inconvenience to all of you, I sincerely apologise! I’m sorry!I would also like to apologise for my error in spelling for “Cassiopeia.”

Please do not blame any companies, because I represent myself, and it has nothing to do with themI chose the song, and it is currently being removed in large quantities.

This may take some time, and it so happens that it is a weekend.I believe that we will remove the song as quickly as possible, and with sincerity, returning to your idol the song that belongs to him.

I also hope that everyone can stop (pursuing) this matter.
Rest assured that the song will definitely be removed! Please give me some time.