Home » Hyunjoong says, “I want her to focus on only me”

On the SBS’s Night After Night episode last 13th of June, Kim Hyunjoong made a special appearance and so discussed hus style of love.
Park Myung Soo who is the MC of the show asked Hyunjoong, “What is your style of love? Have you ever went on a blind date before?” and he answered, “Love is not done through blind dates.” He then also stated, “Recently, my friend got a girlfriend. He then introduced me to one of his girlfriend’s friends.”

The singer continued his story as he said, “The fact is, blind dates are awkward because they put me on the spot. On these kind of dates, there is not much to talk about because you don’t know the person that well. I end up asking, ‘What is your blood-type’ most of the times making it awkward.” He then added,  “I went on a blind date once and after the introductions, there was 15 minutes of silence. I then start to talk first and just have fun. We usually say goodbye just like friends do.”

Hyunjoong then finished his story by stating,  “When I fall in love, I want it be with someone that concentrates on only me. I will definitely become a different person, even from what my friends know me as. I will definitely be charming to her.”