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The actor seems to show a lot of passion for acting. “When this drama is over, I would like to try a drama that airs on public television,” he said. ”But for a large-scale drama like that, I need to improve my acting drastically. I don’t want people to say that I’m a horrible actor, and so I need to try harder now.”

He also expressed his gratitude towards his co-stars such as So Ee Hyun, Park Kwang Hyun, and more. It’s a well-known fact that if the actors on set do not have good relationships, it makes it hard to act on-screen with them as well. Their relationships in real life affect their on-screen chemistry. Kim Hyung Jun expressed that he was really worried about this, but that now they are all like one big family.

“So Ee Hyun is like a real sister to me, while Park Kwang Hyun is like my older brother. They both take care of me really well. They always contact me first, offering to buy me a meal. I thank truly thankful for those two. They also give me advice on how to be more natural on camera. Even when the drama comes to an end, I would like to maintain our relationship,” he said.

The rookie actor creates a love connection with So Ee Hyun in the drama, and in the acting world, he is the current ‘it’ guy. Although he plays the role of a bad boy, viewers cannot get enough of him.

“I know that some viewers are not fond of my character, but a lot of them think that my character is cute and want to continue to see me throughout the program. I think this is the appeal of a  younger man. And in 2012, I would like to become the nation’s official “it” young guy to date.”